You As A Patient
Finding the right Caregiver is the most important decision that you will need to make. There are many excellent doctors, but finding a match for your individual needs takes into consideration both your medical needs and treatment, and your personal needs, such as not feeling rushed in your decisions. Effective Caregivers always consider the person as a whole, rather than as a patient.

You deserve to clearly understand the options that your Caregiver is able to offer you, and to be comfortable with their knowledge, qualifications, experience and integrity. This is a friendship, and a relationship that you deserve to enjoy as you make the most of your medical treatments. Southern Oncology has purposefully chosen by design to be able to offer individualized, focused care, by remaining separate from the mainstream hospital "mechanism" that leaves no time for the true personal touch that is so necessary for proper treatment and healing.
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Your Family, Our Family
Another important thing to consider is your family, and the fact that a quality Caregiver knows the importance of taking the time to include your family in your Journey, being supportive of their understanding, and helping them to know with confidence that you have indeed made a solid choice concerning the people involved in your treatment.

You will be meeting and working with several people that will be a part of your Journey, and it's important to find a Caregiver that offers an environment that is like home, like family. This has a tremendously positive influence in the outcome of your treatments, and differs greatly from an atmosphere that is rushed and regimented, leaving out the "person" in the process.
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Your Confidence, Our Confidence
Our Clinicians are highly schooled, very specialized in their respective duties, and are able to work with the most recent and effective technological advancements, while our offices use the most sophisticated technology tools and equipment available.

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Understanding Your Journey...

As you adjust to the changes that have become part of your life, the key is to understand that they are only temporary, and that you are the one that gets to make positive choices, choices that will directly affect your future in a positive way.

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Southern Oncology Specialists is a private oncology practice that specializes in patient care that is both advanced and personalized.


Our knowledgeable physicians and staff will help get you the care you need with the compassion you deserve.