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How It Works
See Your Chart allows you to conveniently and easily access your personal health records right from your phone, tablet, or any device with internet access, 24/7.

See Your Chart is fully HIPPA-compliant, fully secure, and completely private.

See Your Chart is designed to help us share directly with you all of your pertinent health and progress information by increasing the timeliness with which this information is both updated and made available, allowing you to take an active role in your care.

See Your Chart is easy to use, just by logging in from any internet capable device. We will assign a username and password for you, both of which you may change at any time to your preference if desired.

You can securely view your clinical documents, lab results, doctor's appointments, radiology or pathology reports, test results, prescriptions, health reminders and anything else that pertains to your treatment and progress, as soon as it is updated by your Caregivers, and in a manner that is as close to "real-time" as possible, all within the convenience of this online tool.

Another nice feature is that See Your Chart allows you to share your medical information with other family members who may live out of town, but would like to stay up to date on both your treatment and your progress.